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Exceed IO is a decentralized data management platform powered by blockchain technology. The Exceed Token ecosystem facilitates and incentivizes collective data aggregation to create a safe and efficient information marketplace.

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About us

We connect businesses, traders and researchers into a transparent decentralized network, making the global data market fast, fair, and secure.



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We are committed to ending global data monopolization and analytical inefficiencies by using powerful applications built on the blockchain.

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The Exceed IO blockchain is built on Ethereum which is capable of handling thousands of transactions per second.

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Our platform conceals client information and file origins through a process of metadata extraction and +256 bit encryption.

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Exceed (EXC) utilizes consensus protocols to maximize network trust and transparency.

Market Overview

We truly are living in the age of “Big Data”. The rise of social media & digital transactions, along with increased ubiquity smart devices, sensors, and other new technologies have contributed to an explosion in the rate of which we create and consume data

Conglomerates such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon now own and control the largest, safest, and most valuable sets of data. Businesses and organizations that lack comparable resources and user bases are left to their own devices in collecting, protecting, and utilizing data.

With the Exceed IO platform small businesses and individuals will be able to fully utilize Big Data in a way that allows them to compete in this new data-driven economy.


The Future of
Our Company

Exceed IO Inc. will continue to develop unique cross-platform payment solutions and pioneering data-centric software.

We are committed to expanding the Exceed platform to create a vast network of businesses and researchers to facilitate the creation of a new big data economy.


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Start Date: April 7th, 2018
1 ETH = 180,000 EXC
12 000 000 000 EXC Total Supply
15% More Tokens Before Soft Cap Is Reached
Soft Cap = 300,000 ETH

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How to Purchase and Store Exceed IO (EXC) Tokens with MetaMask and Google Chrome

  • 1. Go to
  • 2. Select Get Chrome Extension
  • 3. Select ‘Add to Chrome’.
  • 4. Select ‘Add Extension’.
  • 5. Read through the Terms of Use and click ‘Accept’ (if you accept).
  • 6. Enter your desired password and click ‘Create’.
  • 7. It is suggested to Save Seed Words As File. Select ‘I’ve Copied It Somewhere Safe’.
  • 8. Now you can use an exchange to trade/buy/sell Exceed (EXC) tokens. Simply click the exchange links provided in the exchange section.
  • 9. There are multiple exchanges that currently support trading for Exceed (EXC). We reccommend using our forked decentralized interface at ExceedDex.
  • 10. To see your EXC token balance in MetaMask, you will need to add it manually. Select Tokens tab and click on ‘Add Token’.
  • 11. Enter the official Exceed Token Contract address to the Token Contract Address field, and the decimals and symbol will show up automatically. Click Add.
  • 12. Success! Your EXC tokens will now show up under the Tokens Tab.

Exceed IO Contribution ETH address: 0x525223F55d762E8c6d391C5cE98BcC0fB06081FF
Official Exceed Token Contract Address: 0x1eAe15d9f4FA16f5278D02d2f8bDA8b0dcd31f71

Exceed combines a peer-to-peer network with blockchain technology to create the world's first decentralized data management platform with built-in incentives and privacy features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Exceed IO Ecosystem?


The EXC ecosystem is network of businesses, researchers, and traders who can use the EXC cryptocurrency as a primary method of payment. By providing intuitive and accessible interfaces and pre-defined smart contracts with specific use cases, the EXC Token ecosystem will empower organizations of all sizes with the power of data aggregation and analysis.

What problems does the Exceed IO ecosystem solve?


The EXC ecosystem solves many problems in the current data management and analytics market. The majority of Big Data is controlled by a small set of conglomerates, which allows them to privatize large amounts of information and set high prices for basic services. The EXC ecosystem will allow small businesses and individuals to compete in this new data market without relying on the networks of the controlling conglomerates. The EXC ecosystem will also implement a reward system for anyone utilizing our platform which will incentivize the switch from major data management networks.

Do you have open communication channels?


Yes, we intend to be active in social media and listen to the needs and concerns of our users. You can contact us by email at: or visit our twitter page.

Is there a Github repository for the platform and smart contracts?


Yes, you can find it here:

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Exceed provides blockchain-powered solutions to the digital economy. Using the latest Ethereum technology, Exceed delivers low cost, high quality, transparent digital asset and data management solutions that can revolutionize the global data and payment markets.

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